Introducing Downtown Uproar


dtu-sneakpeekDowntown Uproar combines the frenetic action of arcade beat-em-up arcade games and the collaborative storytelling of tabletop role-playing games.

Incorporating a new dice-rolling system based on sequences and duplicates, everything in Downtown Uproar is based on the “pick up and play” accessibility of retro-action video games. Character creation only takes a few minutes, then you’re on your way.

All your favorite elements of the beat-em-up genre will be present:

  • Go on convoluted revenge quests. Roll on the “Motive” chart to figure out just why your character is pummeling people in the streets.
  • Eat random food, obtained by smashing open random containers.
  • Use weapons and Power Moves to deal even more damage.
  • Watch out for collapsing floors, laser beams, tripwire and more.
  • Buy books to learn new moves, so you become even better at hitting people.

Downtown Uproar is currently in an early stage of development. It is planned for release in May 2019 as a PDF and print-on-demand book.

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